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Éric Vannier’s Vision for The Future of Mont Saint-Michel

The passion that Éric Vannier has cultivated over the years for Mont Saint-Michel, and its Bay goes back to his childhood. As a small boy, he already loved walking around the bay, swimming in front of the island of Tombelaine and walking the narrow streets of the precious Mountain. Mont Saint-Michel has always been a wonderful place for him. It was his respect for the historical beauty of the north-west face of Mont Saint-Michel, its lush vegetation, and the view over the sea, that inspired Éric Vannier to profoundly change the appearance of the southeast face, which was encumbered by road embankment, cars, and parking lots. His childlike vision ultimately led his environmental and cultural perspectives of Mont Saint-Michel

There is nothing worse than to grow up and forget one’s childhood dreams. Éric Vannier has never lost sight of his vision of Mont Saint-Michel, one based on restoring its original beauty. On the contrary, his childhood dream grew until it became a reality.

The “The Maritime Recovery Project of Mont Saint-Michel” was created and launched in his first election as mayor of Mont Saint-Michel in 1983.

In 2015, when the work that began ten years ago will end, the vision of Éric Vannier will take life. It is this commitment to Mont Saint-Michel from a young age that has enabled the mayor of Mont Saint-Michel to complete this project despite the difficulties. Keeping his vision and goal is the secret to overcoming all pitfalls that dot the path of a major project.

Mont Saint-Michel will be once again an island, as it was originally, surrounded by the rhythm of the tides. The site will be restored to its natural beauty, erasing the traces of man.

In the refound silence punctuated by the calls of seagulls, the wind and the roar of the tides, visitors will find the glorified vision of Mont Saint-Michel just as the pilgrims could see in the Middle Ages.